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My journey from dieting, obesity, and food addiction to weight loss, healthy eating, and happiness.

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About the book

After twenty years of struggling with his weight, and trying to control his eating with one diet after another, Eric Lauritzen finally found a solution that worked. He dropped 130 pounds, kept it off, and discovered contentment in healthy eating. In 130 Pounds Gone, he tells us how.

His eating was only part of the problem. Losing weight was always possible with diets, but the weight loss was always temporary because he ignored the deeper issues. Until he was ready to treat his obsession with food and weight loss as an addiction, rather than a problem of not burning enough calories, his problems with obesity and compulsive eating only became worse.

Topics covered in the book include:

  • Why diets failed him for so long
  • The physical, mental, and emotional factors involved in his problem and the solution
  • The changes in thought and behavior he made to make sustained success possible
  • The types of food eliminated from his meal plan
  • How he trained himself to enjoy healthy foods
  • How his new, healthy lifestyle has impacted his life

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A Note from the Author

I found happiness, contentment, and peace of mind in a healthy lifestyle. Losing all that weight was fun, but it doesn't compare to the joy I have found in the solution to my problems with food.

My intention with writing 130 Pounds Gone is primarily to help someone out there who is suffering and miserable like I was.

If you have struggled for years with dieting and controlling your weight and can’t understand why nothing seems to work, I am certain you’ll find a lot of similarities between my problem and yours. This book is for you. Hopefully something that worked for me will help in your situation too.

I wrote 130 Pounds Gone because I believe my story can help others just as learning from other people's experiences helped me.

Obesity, food addiction, and eating disorders not only cause emotional misery, pain, and disease among individual sufferers, the obesity epidemic and other related problems are sapping our resources as a nation.

Meanwhile, too many of us misunderstand the nature of the problem, seeing it only as a cosmetic issue, a lack of willpower, or a sign of sloth. My experience proved to me it is far more complex than that.

I want my story to spread awareness about food addiction, eating disorders, and other problems that fuel the obesity epidemic. We all need to understand this problem better and get serious about it.

Most of all, I hope it will inspire others experiencing a problem similar to mine, one person at a time, by showing them there may be another side to their problem, and most importantly, that the solution may bring about personal peace, comfort, and contentment beyond their wildest dreams in addition to a normal sized body; just as it has for me.